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Changing the Game Conference

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Changing the Game: Power(n)

“Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power.” –Abraham Lincoln

Event Information
Power informs our history and literature. It defines our professional and social relationships. It provides—or denies—us access, information, influence and wealth. But power is fickle, and fleeting. We live in a rare moment: in the past, shifts in power, whether economic, political or technological, occurred periodically; the term status quo is not without irony. Today, power emerges in new ways, from unexpected sources, at all times. But understanding the means by which power is created and wielded defines who Changes the Game.

Churchill Club proudly presented its third annual daylong conference dedicated to change and innovation. This exciting, daylong, interactive event presented a series of thought-provoking expressions of power, from personal, to organizational, to geopolitical. Attendees heard from visionaries who are changing our world, interacted with organizations that are authoring the future, contributed their own ideas, and powered up a level via our range of power training workshops.

Sponsorships and Tables
For details and availability, contact Marcia Loggins at or 408.979.5126

Event History
The daylong conference was first held in 2011 as one of two final events of Churchill Club's 25th anniversary celebration year. Igniting Innovation & Mastering Change: A Day-long Conversation in Three Acts, was a series of discussions presenting new perspectives and examining opportunities for advancing information locally, nationally, and around the world. Speakers and audience members engaged in discussions and focused on takeaways and insights throughout the day in three segments: Here: Innovation in Silicon Valley, There: Innovation in America and Around the World, & Then: Inventing the Future.

Further details about past conferences can be found at:

  • Changing the Game 2013 on YouTube
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  • Igniting Innovation & Mastering Change 2011 on YouTube
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