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Press Releases
Monday, September 15 2014
Silicon Valley’s Churchill Club Announces Winners of the 4th Annual Churchills
Friday, September 20 2013
Silicon Valley’s Churchill Club Presents The Churchills 2013
Friday, September 20 2013
Silicon Valley’s Churchill Club Presents “Changing the Game” and “The Churchills 2013”
Thursday, December 06 2012
Churchill Club presents the 9th Annual Gadgets Program: What’s Hot and What’s Not in Consumer Technology
Friday, September 07 2012
Silicon Valley’s Churchill Club Adds a Fifth Award to be presented at the Second Annual Celebration of “The Churchills”
Wednesday, September 05 2012
Silicon Valley’s Churchill Club Presents Changing the Game 2012 and the Churchill Awards
Wednesday, June 13 2012
The Churchill Club Presents the First Annual Great Silicon Valley Oxford Union Debate on the Motion, "This House Believes That the Problems of Tomorrow Are Too Big for the Entrepreneurs of Today"
Tuesday, May 15 2012
Churchill Club Presents 14th Annual Top 10 Tech Trends
Thursday, December 01 2011
The Churchill Club Presents ‘The Big Data Effect’
Wednesday, November 02 2011
Churchill Club and The Tech Museum Present ‘Steve Jobs: A Legacy of Vision and Leadership’
Tuesday, October 18 2011
United Nations Population Fund Together with SAP and the Churchill Club Present Innovating for a World of 7 Billion Executive Roundtable
Thursday, September 01 2011
Silicon Valley’s Churchill Club Announces a 25th Anniversary Event: Igniting Innovation & Mastering Change: A Day-long Conversation in Three Acts
Wednesday, August 03 2011
Silicon Valley’s Churchill Club Announces Winners of Inaugural Awards: The Churchills
Wednesday, July 13 2011
Churchill Club Presents A Talent for Talent: Ari Emanuel, co-CEO of William Morris Endeavor Entertainment, in Conversation with Jeff Weiner, CEO of LinkedIn
Thursday, June 09 2011
Churchill Club Presents a Premier Event When Two Luminaries Meet: Ursula Burns & George Colony
Wednesday, May 11 2011
Churchill Club Presents the 13th Annual Top Ten Tech Trends
Tuesday, January 25 2011
Churchill Club Presents Location & Privacy: Where Are We Headed?
Thursday, January 13 2011
Churchill Club Presents WikiLeaks: Why it Matters. Why it Doesn’t?
Wednesday, November 17 2010
Churchill Club Presents: Wireless is the Biggest Tech Platform in History. Now What?
Monday, November 15 2010
Churchill Club Presents PARC@40: Can Innovators Learn from the Past?
Wednesday, October 27 2010
The Churchill Club Names Edelman Its Public Relations Agency of Record
Monday, October 18 2010
Churchill Club Presents: James Cameron in Conversation with Eric Schmidt
Monday, August 23 2010
Churchill Club Presents: The March to Mobility
Monday, July 12 2010
Churchill Club Presents Shai Agassi and the Trillion Dollar Transportation Opportunity
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