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We welcome program ideas and speaker recommendations from our community.

Churchill programs range from one-on-one conversations from industry giants to panels with 3-4 speakers and a moderator. Our Open Forum programs often feature roundtable, moderated discussions with little or no individual presentations or PowerPoint. Our goal is to present topics that appeal to a broad segment of Silicon Valley, with speakers who are articulate, open, and even a bit contrarian. We think of our stage as a place for fresh conversations about what’s new, next, not broadly known rather than a platform for pre-articulated messages or a repeat of information readily available elsewhere.

The best programs are usually a mix of practical information, visionary thinking, compelling anecdotes, and opinionated discussion with a touch of wit and irreverence.

Successful proposals most often include:

  • A suggested program title
  • Short paragraph outlining the point-of-view of the program and why it would be of interest to our members
  • Other executives who would be appropriate for the panel and whether you have connections to contact those potential panelists.
  • We consider each proposal based upon the strength of the proposed panelists, the newsworthiness of the topic, recent and future confirmed programs and the potential appeal to our members.

Due to the high volume of proposals we receive, we cannot always give an immediate answer to each and every one. We thank you in advance for your patience.

We thank you for your interest and we hope to work with you on a future Churchill Club program.


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